Saturday, February 3, 2018

A full week

Last week we had the privilege of hosting Dr Bradley Russell and his daughter Michelle.  While Nathanael preached Sunday morning, Abigail and I picked them up at the airport. It was my first time driving so far (in Belize) by myself. Thankfully these roads aren't PA roads. It's pretty much is a straight shot.

I was reminded of southern hospitality as Michelle called me "Ma'am" multiple times.

They spent their first 3 days in Belize with us. We were able to show them around the town. We ate from the street. We tried to provide them with a wide pallate: hot dogs, tostados, tacos, marquistias, and lemon grass tea.

We were able to introduce them to a lot of people who come to church. We held a dinner/game night at our house. Children mingled in between adults. Laughter prevailed. People stared at game boards or simply chatted. Nathanael helped interpret for Brad and Michelle. 

We spent 2 days doing some touristy things. It was nice to show them our little corner of Belize.  Laminai is Nathanael's favorite ruins. Brad paid for us to take the boat tour (our first time).  The wildlife is just lovely on the tour and at Laminai.  We didn't see toucans but we did see a rare bird. (You would have to ask Dr Russell as I am unsure of its name). The tour guides were helpful. We got to meet a man who became a christian because of a medical mission trip, and goes to church close to our house. 

On wednesday after visiting Old Belize, we drove to the camp (Camp Legacy), where we usually stay while working with Kids Konnect. 

The end of our week was spent working with Kids Konnect. It was nice to serve as a family. I admit Zephaniah was doing a lot more playing than serving. He met a fellow TCK who lives at the camp. They spent the day in the dirt and rain, having the time of their lives! We must have Tucker and his family to visit soon! 

The end of our first day in Silk Grass, it began to thunder and rain hard. Soon our power was out. The people in pharmacy will still distributing medications. They finished their work in the dark. I was so impressed with the stamina. I was also impressed because I didn't hear one complaint. People did their jobs as efficiently as they possibly could. I attempted to help, but felt lost. I didn't know where the medicines were while the lights were on. Without them, it was really difficult.  I let the experts do their jobs.

I was very thankful that Dr Van was along this trip. A few weeks ago I injured my elbow while working out. I have been trying to rest it, but it wasn't improving. Dr Van is a chiropractor. He took two seperate times to bring it back into alignment.

Abigail was a bit upset since we left "early". Usually we stay till Sunday and have the traditional group picture. This time we left Saturday evening. Since Nathanael was with us, he needed to return on Sunday for church.  I assured Abigail that although we weren't in the group picture, I am sure people knew we were there! 

Thanks again Kids Konnect team for what you do and for allowing us to serve along with you. It is a privilege. 

Be looking for the digital copy of our newsletter in your inboxes this week :)


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