Thursday, February 9, 2017

In case you didn't get the news...

December was quite a busy month for us. The first week started with a "bang".  Zion and Zephaniah slept at a new friends house. (some of their family traveled with Nathanael to Honduras) Abigail and Selah spent some  nights at a different friends home. Nathanael and I got up so early I had to literally hold my eyes open when I first woke up.

What was going on?

Nathanael and I spent 3 days in Texas. We have spent the past few months working to change our sending organization.  Joining with CTEN was an immediate blessing. We were welcomed with open arms. It was humbling to hear the story of a grass roots organization that grew from a few missionaries to over 400. Each and every missionary is supported by a pastoral care couple.

One of the most moving things for me was to be there during the staff prayer time. As an organization they weekly pray for their missionaries. This was confirmation to me of the choice we made.

We are excited to be on this journey as CTEN missionaries. At the same time we really value EMM. We were able to see that their presence in Belize (and former presence) was truly a foundation of our ministry. We would not have been able to do what we did without EMM. We will continue with EMM as associate missionaries.

What does this mean for you?

our ministry focus (Deaf ministry, education and access) stays the same
EMM will no longer be accepting funding for us.  All ministry funds must be directed through our page at CTEN. 
Cten is more flexible with the finances allowing us to be more flexible.

While in Texas Nathanael and I got to visit the Cross at Kerryville. These are the pictures we took on that visit.