Wednesday, August 21, 2019

an update on our journey

The 22 some hour journey through the US is about over for us.
had to stop in Harrisburg to get a title printed for the van

I honestly wasn't sure we would make it, the sleeping in the van isn't too comfortable!  We made it to Corpus Cristi Texas last night.
That was a quick 5 min process! PTL!

We did run into some issues with a wheel on the trailer. Please pray it is fixed well and lasts us the rest of the 1,500 miles back to Belize.
at a rest stop

Today we have 2 hours to go to the Mexican border. This was a place of high stress last time. We are walking into it with more knowledge and hopefully wisdom. Please pray with us as we do this!
Selah was my navigator while Nathanael rested in the back

Finally I am looking at safe places to stay along the way. Pray for wisdom and safety as we travel in Mexico.

Finally sleeping in a bed! 

Thanks so much!


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Taking up my yoke

We are coming to the end of our 9-week furlough. To say it was fast would be an understatement. We have enjoyed small tastes of many different activities we missed and big tastes of special treats. We squeeze in times to fellowship and extra hugs. I have come to recognize that I can't "make up for" the two years we were gone, nor the time we will be gone in the future.
our visit to Connecting Deaf church

My kids, Zephaniah especially, are experts in this area. They enjoy what is in front of them with full vigour. I am trying to learn vicariously from them.

we did a bit of hiking in Peace Valley

The point was reiterated to me today. I was in a conversation with friends. They talked about kids, fixing up their houses and camping.  Although we paint some of the rooms, the house we stay in isn't our own. We make it home to the best of our abilities.

we went ice skating as a family

The conversation led my mind to wander. There are many times as of late I believe that others have an easier road than we do. In my mind, I recognize it's a lie of Satan. In my heart, the cool air blows my hair and I remember snow. I begin to wonder how much better our lives would be if we lived in Pennsylvania. I miss things, people and opportunities.

even Abigail dipped her toes in the water

It is in these moments that God reminds me. Driving in the snow really stinks. I am blessed that I only have one wardrobe. I haven't had to buy winter clothes for our kids in years. (We usually make sure they have one sweatshirt/jacket that fits and one pair of pants) More importantly, my calling looks different.
Selah and my mom work on a tye dyeing project

If we all had the same calling there would be a lack in so many areas. What a blessing to be a part of the body of Christ. What an awesome thing that our Heavenly Father actually planned for this.

Nathanael had the opportunity to boat with Greg Stemler for an overnight trip

While on the EMM retreat this past April, we were asked to take one truth with us. The thing I felt called to apply to my own life was understanding more about what it means to take up his yoke.  The process of listening to my friends, yet find joy in my own life, is an ongoing one. Some struggles are more blatant while many times they remain hidden.

I was fascinated by the book check-out process at the library

I am choosing to step into the calling He has placed on our lives as a family with acceptance.  He loves us, sees us, and has a plan that involves both Nathanael and I and our children. The "missed" opportunities aren't a reality. Our assignments are contrasting yet prepared ahead of time, should we be willing to step into His best for us.
as cold as we'll be for a long time! 

What yoke has he called you to today?