Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Lunch
Turn up your volume.  (Interpreted for the hearing)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Field trip fun

As Nathanael stated in his blog, we visited a different part of Belize last Tues-Thursday.  Nathanael "happened" to meet someone while working with the ministry of Education.  This wonderful woman invited us to stay at her house in the Cayo district.
We get to learn about the ants that can destroy a tree in a day

She and her husband are retired and living in Belize.  They stay at a former hotel.  They rent rooms for a 6 month period for anyone who would like to use them.  She allowed us to stay for free.

We started our trip with a rude awakening at 4am (earlier than we had to be up to make our flight here!!) We walked to the bus stop for the 4 hour ride to her house.  The bus was so full Nathanael and Zion rode in the back of the bus atop the Engine. I sat below them on a ledge. Apparently with the air coming in the windows they were actually cold.  Sitting below them; all I felt was hot!

By 8am some of the kids had slept and we arrived in San Ignacio.  We found our way to her house with some help from a local couple who gave us a ride.  The place we stayed at was literally across the street from a site that they've been excavating Mayan Ruins.

The butterflies landed on us a few times

This is the ferry to cross the river to the ruins There are not many bridges due to the way the land is and the expense

Nathanael was able to get some work done. The kids had an awesome time swimming in the pool that evening.  We found a cute little bubble tea place, with swings in the waiting area. The kids were in love!

On the trip we visited a Butterfly Conservatory.  They had a nice area where butterflies were kept. The man there showed us the caterpillars in various stages of development.  He let us hold a few.  Attached was a museum where we spent some time learning about animals and culture.

The next day Galen and Phyllis, our supervisors who live about 2 hours from San Ignacio came to visit. We were able to climb the ruins, they drove Nathanael to Cayo Deaf Institute, and the kids and I visited Spanish Lookout.  I enjoyed some children free shopping with Phyllis while Galen took the children out for ice cream.  What an enjoyable time!!

When we returned to pick up Nathanael (much later than we thought it would be as there was a line for the Ferry) he was still talking to the teachers at the school. He was in his element, talking about what he loves. As his wife it is wonderful to see him function in his calling this way.

Here is a video of the kids enjoying the bubble tea place.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

What we've been up to :)

Sorry for the lack of posting.  Last week my main focus was getting the newsletter out.  I actually mistakenly didn't send it to some people. I am sorry about that, and I think the glitch is fixed.

There has been a lot of activity to catch you up on in the Davis House.  Nancy wrote on her blog about the 10th Anniversary of the church.  I was able to make cookies for this event.  I shared some of the extras with a neighbor and our "taxi driver"'s family (who are also our friends) They loved the cookies so much, they asked if they could come and I could teach the wife how to make them. Problem is we only have a metric measuring cup, a stove that tells the temp in 1-5, and Zephaniah dropped some of the egg on the floor. 

Our first batch came out flat.  I am thankful to Nathanael who about 5 years ago was making cookies several times a week for his job with a student.  We made enough for them to take home. 

I have also been teaching Sunday School.  I started on the first week in October.  Here are some pictures from that.

Our children teach the others about Chinese Jump rope. 

The best thing about Chinese Jump rope is you need very little space to do it in.  :)

as a fun bonus here is a picture of one if the interesting ways Zephaniah has fallen asleep.  I am making a page in his memory book of all of the interesting ways he's fallen asleep.
Thanks so much for keeping in touch with us and praying for us. There's more to come this week :) 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Life without internet

This past Saturday, we looked out our window to see men working on the phone lines.  It is still a bit unnerving to see someone working like that with no safety equipment and only a ladder to hold them up. About an hour after they started working, we lost our internet...

We went to a Mennonite lead Deaf event.  We took the bus to Carmelita, a village outside of Orange walk.  After climbing on the full bus, someone offered me a seat.  I felt blessed.  Abigail also got offered a seat on someone's lap :) 

We spent the day with the Deaf in the area,.  The kids played and during sewing time got to be with the women who don't like sewing. 

I was pretty fascinated with the ants in the yard where we ate. We need to do a science lesson about them
When we returned, the men were still working, and no internet.  We made a mistake in not speaking to him before he left for the day. It ended up we didn't have internet until Wednesday. I can't tell you how happy I was when the truck pulled up.
I realized that the internet is what makes me feel connected. I am able to talk to others, and see what is going on in their lives.  It was very difficult to not have that.  The children were also thankful :) This week has been a lesson on being thankful. 
A new supermarket opened up with later hours.  This makes us happy because most big stores close at 5pm.  It feels like we have to rush after our school day to get what we need.
  We have also been visiting a pool close to our house. What a delight it is to spend a few hours cooling off.   We wish the pool was open daily, but due to school it's only open on Saturday/Sunday. So far we've gone twice.
It is strange our minds tell us it's October, but our bodies say it's still summer.  Even the events that make it feel like fall aren't here to make us feel like it is Fall.  It is confusing being in a different culture and climate.
We are thankful for this learning experience, all of it, and grateful for you supporting us on this journey.

Friday, October 2, 2015

We're not in Kansas anymore.. but we are getting used to Belize

As with most devloping countries,  it is not advisable to drink the water from the faucet.  In Mexico, there was a guy who sold water in the street. We called him "El Chino" because of his curly hair.  Here it's different.  We have 2 bottles which we fill.  Two weeks ago I went with Nathanael to get water for the first time,  It really looks like a gas station. This was not how I pictured "getting water"  

Nathanael had been getting the water.  Then we were going together to get it.  I know it's not Nathanael's favorite thing to do.

Today I decided that while he was out meeting with guys in the church, I would get it myself. I put a kid and the water bottle in the back of the bike.  I was so proud of the fact that I was successful with the water.. even getting it into the dispenser myself.  

I thought you might enjoy the visual of what it involves to get water.  

Riding a bike here is "not my favorite" the cars aren't very respectful, our bike has no gears, and there is a basket in the front.  I can't get the tune from the Wizard of OZ out of my head every time I ride.  It was funny the first time I rode with Selah on the handlebars (a common way to carry a kid with you around here). She was more scared than I was. 

I do have to say at the time that Nathanael packed the trailer as a awkward suitcase, I wasn't happy.. especially because I was the one who had to have it as luggage.  Now that we use it almost every day I'm glad.  There are none available here, and we would have been stuck without it. Here is the picture of pre-packed mess that got to Belize.. :) Glad it doesn't look like that now. My poor parents