Saturday, October 24, 2015

What we've been up to :)

Sorry for the lack of posting.  Last week my main focus was getting the newsletter out.  I actually mistakenly didn't send it to some people. I am sorry about that, and I think the glitch is fixed.

There has been a lot of activity to catch you up on in the Davis House.  Nancy wrote on her blog about the 10th Anniversary of the church.  I was able to make cookies for this event.  I shared some of the extras with a neighbor and our "taxi driver"'s family (who are also our friends) They loved the cookies so much, they asked if they could come and I could teach the wife how to make them. Problem is we only have a metric measuring cup, a stove that tells the temp in 1-5, and Zephaniah dropped some of the egg on the floor. 

Our first batch came out flat.  I am thankful to Nathanael who about 5 years ago was making cookies several times a week for his job with a student.  We made enough for them to take home. 

I have also been teaching Sunday School.  I started on the first week in October.  Here are some pictures from that.

Our children teach the others about Chinese Jump rope. 

The best thing about Chinese Jump rope is you need very little space to do it in.  :)

as a fun bonus here is a picture of one if the interesting ways Zephaniah has fallen asleep.  I am making a page in his memory book of all of the interesting ways he's fallen asleep.
Thanks so much for keeping in touch with us and praying for us. There's more to come this week :) 


  1. Great pictures! We love to see what you guys are doing :)

  2. Great pictures! We love to see what you guys are doing :)

  3. This illustrates so well your work with the people in Belize. I also love learrning about other cultures..Love pictures.