Friday, October 9, 2015

Life without internet

This past Saturday, we looked out our window to see men working on the phone lines.  It is still a bit unnerving to see someone working like that with no safety equipment and only a ladder to hold them up. About an hour after they started working, we lost our internet...

We went to a Mennonite lead Deaf event.  We took the bus to Carmelita, a village outside of Orange walk.  After climbing on the full bus, someone offered me a seat.  I felt blessed.  Abigail also got offered a seat on someone's lap :) 

We spent the day with the Deaf in the area,.  The kids played and during sewing time got to be with the women who don't like sewing. 

I was pretty fascinated with the ants in the yard where we ate. We need to do a science lesson about them
When we returned, the men were still working, and no internet.  We made a mistake in not speaking to him before he left for the day. It ended up we didn't have internet until Wednesday. I can't tell you how happy I was when the truck pulled up.
I realized that the internet is what makes me feel connected. I am able to talk to others, and see what is going on in their lives.  It was very difficult to not have that.  The children were also thankful :) This week has been a lesson on being thankful. 
A new supermarket opened up with later hours.  This makes us happy because most big stores close at 5pm.  It feels like we have to rush after our school day to get what we need.
  We have also been visiting a pool close to our house. What a delight it is to spend a few hours cooling off.   We wish the pool was open daily, but due to school it's only open on Saturday/Sunday. So far we've gone twice.
It is strange our minds tell us it's October, but our bodies say it's still summer.  Even the events that make it feel like fall aren't here to make us feel like it is Fall.  It is confusing being in a different culture and climate.
We are thankful for this learning experience, all of it, and grateful for you supporting us on this journey.


  1. Yes, we depend upon internet to keep us connected with family back in the States. Also much of our support comes from those friends who have known us over the years. The first years in Guatemala we didn't have access to a phone and internet. We went to a public phone office in town and waited for an hour or more to get our phone call in.Mail was slow, but we depended upon the slow mail even if it took 6 weeks to get a reply. When we finally got our own phone we still didn't have internet access as we know it today.

    We call the ants, cutter ants. I'm not sure what the right name for them is. They stripped my rose bush in one night. I was shocked to realize it was gone!

    I'm glad that you are learning to delight in the beautiful things of life.
    Love, Phyllis Groff

  2. Oh wow a whole rose bush!! We saw a really neat video on youtube about them and there's a documentary from BBC but not available streaming. It is so neat to see God's creation in a different way