Thursday, November 19, 2020

a new not normal

 Things are settled. That is what my heart keeps telling me. Seven months into this uncertainty, we are finding a groove. While restrictions came off quickly our first time around; they have "stuck" much longer this time. Friends I watch in Kenya, Honduras, and the like have been much more confined than we are, so we find ourselves thankful.

Alma leads the people in prayer

At the same time things have opened up; the government still refuses to allow church meetings greater than 13 persons.  There have been multiple arrests, mostly of pastors. Nathanael had to prayerfully consider what this meant for us. Our numbers don't usually increase over this amount since COVID.  It is a frustrating place to be in when casino's, bars and busses can be open but God's house can't.

Last week Nathanael spoke on the "rocks crying out" and placed some rocks in the center of our meeting

As a leadership team, (Jeimmy, Nathanael, Elizanie, Elmer and I) have been feeling a greater pull to fast and pray. Specifically last weekend we were fasting for marriages in the Deaf community.  Thanks so much for those who prayed with us.  We broke fast as a team last Saturday evening.  

Brianny is delightful especially this night when she and I ended up covered in chilli (She was thus given a sink bath!)

Next week, (November 27) Elizani and Elmer will be in charge for our monthly time of "getting away so that leadership can be trained". This time Jeimmy will travel with us to visit some friends in Spanish Lookout.   Please pray that this would be a time of learning and growth for all!  We are excited about what is doing in Elizanie and Elmer as a couple and as leaders.  

Zephaniah turned 10 last week. He chose to make an ice cream cake. bonus points to those who know the character on the cake! 

Individual discipleship and visiting continue to happen. Two weeks ago Nathanael, Selah and Jeimmy met with a woman who has now tested COVID positive.  While we believe we are out of danger, she is struggling with fear. Nathanael was able to provide assurance to her over Facebook messenger.

Reynalda and Yalitza during "turn-taking church"