Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Kidz Konnect January 2023

 What a wonderful time serving with Kidz Konnect!  We are so blessed to serve alongside this ministry in various functions.  This was the first time I went a day early. Abi's time to serve is in January.  We finished our school day and arrived at camp Tuesday night to disucss Wednesday.  Abi decided to stay back at camp to work on school work.  

It was so cool going to Mullins River for the first time.  We met people at a church. I love getting to know them and the lack of "rush" involved. I could sit with people and hear their story.

  After the patients were taken care of, we ate lunch. We then drove to Gale's point.  This is a bit further out, a community on a peninsula. House visits were the fare.  How rewarding to meet people and understand where they are living and a bit about what drives them.

The rest of the clinic went by in a bit of a blur. Abi had the opportunity (as she's now 18!) to not serve alongside me. She did some learning of her own and shadowed Becky.  

Nathanael of course visited with a van of Deaf from Orange Walk.  There was a PA in the group who knew some sign language. He connected well with the community of deaf.  

Kidz Konnect is always a blessing, a way to connect and a different way to serve the community.