Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I could actually write wow a number of times and probably still not be able to describe how impressed I am.

I fasted for a month for a team leader of our MST.  I had this ambiguous person in mind  with all of my perfect characteristics added in...And when someone answered the call I was a bit disappointed.  It was disappointment about me, and not about them, or God's call.

I had ideas about what I thought should happen, and what I wanted this person to be.

Last night though I was blown away.

Eric Hackman after much prayer, and talk with us agreed to be our team leader.

I have to say I am honestly embarrassed about my reluctance and judgment.  Everything about going to Belize has been a learning experience for me.

Eric was everything I prayed for and honestly went above and beyond.  I am so thankful for what God decided to do.

Please join us in praying:

for Eric and the rest of our hard working MST
for us in our journey at home preparing
and as we share our vision with others
for our children in this transition
for our finances