Monday, June 10, 2019

Crossing Cultural Lines (again!)

I have about 5 ongoing lists currently. Things we want to see while in the US, things we need to buy, homeschooling needs, the list of lists goes on.  Today I'm sharing with you a list of what we will be required to remember.  What we need to remember you question? The behaviors and rules that are different here vs in the US. Without further ado our non-comprehensive list:

1.  Toilet paper goes in the toilet. (we may have to move the trash can outside of the bathroom to help with this one)
this is the sign inside of the bathroom of Western Dairies

2.  Personal space is a very different concept in the US vs Belize, especially when standing in  a line or waiting for something
Selah in line for popsicles at 

3 "right now" actually means that very moment! Here it means that is the next thing I will do, or just a moment.

Selah and Zion waiting for the water jugs to get filled

4. Wearing seat belts is the law. It would behoove me to tell you that not too long ago I was quite a stickler for carseat safety. That "me" would be embarrassed by this me.
Full van at Easter. Ni is on my lap. Misael and Elmer aren't even in seats (not to mention the kids bouncing around in the back

5. The sun goes down slowly and later. Here the time that the sun goes down only fluctuates between 4:30pm-6:30pm year round. Once the sun starts going down, it's usually down within half an hour.

picking out costumes for drama Sunday

6.  It's okay to walk in the rain.  Belizeans don't like to go out in the rain. They will stop at a shop and wait till the rain stops to continue on.
How seating is usually arranged for the sermon portion ( encourages interaction)

7. Re-orienting ourselves to be more "cold culture" in our time.  Belizeans tend to be relationship oriented "I give you my time because I care about you" They will make conversation with you, with a long line behind you.  North Americans tend to be task-oriented "I won't take up your time because I care about you" Neither is wrong, they are just different.

some of the people from Jesus Deaf Church who came to Abigail's quince

8 Pants and sweatshirts!  I have a feeling we are going to be quite cold! Our temps haven't been below 90 for over 2 months.  Due to high humidity, the overnight lows aren't usually below 80.

Selah helped serve at a Koinonia event

9 Eggs. In Belize, we buy them from a shelf and keep them on the counter

10. sending the kids to the local shop. In Pennsylvania, I probably would refer to these as a "convenience store" in a one block radius we have 3 food stores and 1 hardware store. I often send the kids out for eggs, rice, beans, onion or flour. The shops are labeled by the country of origin of the owner: "the Chinese shop" , "the Mestizo shop", "The Hindi (Indian) Shop"

I will leave the list at 10. This is mostly because we are in the midst of packing and cleaning.  If you notice my kids (or even us) doing something odd, feel free to ask us about it. Zephaniah especially seems to lose the context for how to act in the US. (We all flounder at times). We look forward to seeing you all in person and lots of hugs!

P.S. If you haven't received our newsletter yet, we do have a list of our current needs. If you feel called to fill those in one way or another please let us know!  :)

For those of you who live in Eastern PA, We are having a fundraiser dinner at Hopewell. Here is a copy of the Flyer. Email us or call Hopewell for more information:

I can't seem to load the flyer correctly (sorry) Here is the information:

Casual dinner and gathering of friends and supporters of the Davis Family serving as missionaries to the Deaf community in Belize. June 23, 2019 5:30 pm Hopewell Christian Fellowship 601 Hunsicker Road Telford, PA 18969