What we do

One of the first questions in people's  minds when they speak with missionaries is what will you be doing?

Professionally Nathanael is an interpreter of ASL and Spring is a RN.

In Belize Nathanael:

is the head pastor at Jesus Deaf Church in Orange Walk Town, Belize
Leads mid-week discipleship groups 
Facilitates review/Bible study on Friday nights
Is actively involved in the Deaf community during the week
Mentors Deaf guys and hearing guys with Deaf wives
Facilitates review/Bible study on Friday nights
Interprets for Deaf in education, medically, occupationally, and with the government


Finds the primary role to be inside the home, homeschooling their 4 children
Leads Sunday school on Sunday Mornings
Provides Childcare for movie or game nights,
Makes the meals for the kids on regular Friday nights, and all of the church on "fun Fridays"
goes on medical missions trips in southern Belize when time allows
is the "writer" of the family, in charge of the blog and newsletter
manages medical care for the Deaf in the area

Together they:
pray for the people of the church
Clean the church
connect with the community and neighbors around them

Please feel free to e-mail or text us any questions you have about what we do here!

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