Monday, March 25, 2019

Celebrating Nathanael

I have been getting behind in my posting. I think part of it is this idea I have that everything I write about has to be ministry related or have a lesson involved. Yesterday I had been looking for a post on the blog (which I didn't find) I skimmed some of my old posts. Some of them were simply about what was going on in our lives.

In the spirit of just communicating what is going on in our lives, we are celebrating Nathanael.  He turned 38 on March 5.

One of the things that Nathanael really misses here are hiking trails. He spent a while trying to find a trail we could hike but scrapped it. Last year we went to Crooked Tree. This is a lovely place, but the trails are often flooded. We need to schedule a hike during dry season. (we just always seem to forget).

We went out for bubble tea, a Davis family favorite. It still delights me that the Taiwanese woman behind the counter always knows my order. ( I do get the same tea every time: Green milk tea, no sugar, lychee bubbles) Abigail always dreamed of saying "get me my usual". I could say that but she doesn't know enough English for that to be effective. The bubble tea enjoyment was peppered with Quirkle games.

For lunch Ed and Dyna had us over. It was a time of me feeling grateful that we are devloping friendships here. We spent way too much time discussing the details of Abigail's quince, while the kids enjoyed games.

Final stop of the day? The Lagoon in Corazal. It opens to the ocean so the water is salt water. We had a great spot to refresh ourselves in the water. The kids even climbed the trees.

Pizza for dinner.

The girls got roller skates for Christmas. I had no idea they would be such a hit. They are probably some of the most used Christmas presents we have ever gotten. The park in Corazal was a great place to skate before heading home.

And finally Nathanael has finished his BA!  We are all so proud of the work he put into it!  (and at times the work I put into it.)

May you be blessed this week as you celebrate ordinary and extraordinary events

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

We are so blessed

Something about the past few months (Jan-March) has made me feel extra busy. I really couldn't put my finger on it. The funny thing is I've been making an effort to get up weekdays at 6:30 and weekends 7:30. (with the exception of the days that I sleep in: Saturday and Monday). Waking up earlier so far hasn't meant I complete more in my day. I have a goal to finish school with the kids before I go to workout at 1:30pm. It has been rarely happening. Nimodo (as one would say in Spanish)

I am determined not to be one of "those" overseas workers who stop blogging/communicating. It just seems to be difficult to find the time to do it recently.

Josue gets his first bite of a tastycake

When Todd and his children came, I opened a precious letter. A dear friend wrote a short note. It was a huge encouragement to me. I put it on my closet, and read it often. It is a reminder to me. It tells me you think of us and pray for us, we are on your minds and hearts.
The ones I kept for myself :) 

Your gifts to us and participate in the ministry we do allows us to be active and present in Orange Walk. We couldn't do what we do without the work you do. Thank you for choosing to be a part of what goes on at Jesus Deaf Church. The ongoing monthly support is essential to the ministry continuing. Thank you!

Zephaniah and Josue playing with bubbles during Sunday School

Connecting Deaf Church also took the time to ask us what we miss. We were given precious things like decaf Earl Grey tea, black licorice, devil dogs, and almond butter.

Selah made the birthday cake for her friend on her 14th birthday

We treasure these treats. I wanted to publicly take a blog post to thank all of you who have enriched our lives in this way. The physical things are really nice. They are small things that make us feel cared for.

me enjoing tea with the dogs

A former missionary to Dangriga area with Kids Konnect sent us a grocery bag full of treats from Trader Joe's. I cried when I opened the package. Dark chocolate. Nathanael is still enjoying the Irish breakfast tea!  The kids couldn't hold out on eating the entire bag of candy. I suppose it's much better than the fire ants getting to it.

We have even gotten 2 boxes full of Tastycakes. Those were treasured and shared!  :) Everyone in Jesus Deaf Church got a small taste of Philadelphia.

Thank you so much to those who have blessed us abundantly.