Saturday, March 23, 2024

 It is always a joy to have a team come serve alongside us.  This time it was extra challenging for them as they were called to help tackle the yard at Jesus Deaf Church. It was hot, we had no water/electricity on the land, and the equipment was lacking. They tackled the high grass with vigor.  

there isn't electricity at the land, here the are repairing the generator

They had some people who were fluent in ASL which added to the ability of the team to communicate.  They worked with Milenia (Nelly) to help make meals, and along the way learned about some Belizean fair. 

Melenia (Nelly) did all of the food prep and planning

In addition to working on the land at the church, they spent time doing visits with Deaf in the community.  One of the ladies who was with them is an interpreter, an added benefit! 

Playing cards with Selina and her family at Western Dairies

We are so thankful for the support that Stumptown Mennonite provided in their visit to Orange Walk!!