Monday, May 4, 2015

Not just skin deep

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One of our children recently said something that horrified me to the core.  As we walked past an African American Muslim family, it was belted out "I don't like black people" 

I was in utter shock. 

This child lives with my brother, has friends in choir of different races; and had a nanny from Guiana. 

This extremely embarrassing moment has lead me to explore.  What makes us afraid?  What makes me think I don't like someone?  How can I help my children be aware of their own biases.

In a country and world where you can still get killed for the color of your skin, I feel it is necessary to work toward a different understanding for all of my children.

I am not sure that I've fully convinced this child that their "convictions" are wrong.  I hope the process of learning and growing develops something new in them. I want to continue to allow them to see people that are different from them.  I want them to taste different foods, to sit at other's tables. It is my prayer that fear and dislike would turn into a curiosity, and desire to learn. 

Although I still wish this didn't happen, I have am thankful that we are able to learn, expose our children to differences, and in the process change opinions. 

We should not fear our biases, but recognize when they are there and work toward loving the way Christ loved us.

fully mama and fully human,