Friday, February 7, 2020

Restoration (and pictures of the past month)

I thought  a good way to sum up our past month and a half was to share some pictures.

Our cookie party this year was a bit small (by choice) but everyone had fun

On a personal level I started reading the book "Soul of Shame" it has been eye opening and hopefully life changing for me.  I am recognizing how much I do out of shame and the desire to protect myself from pain.

Everyone who was at the NYE party

One day while running with Zion. (she is my Friday workout buddy), God gave me my word for the year: restoration.  He also spoke to me about my heart towards it.

We have started to go to Fountain of life church in Spanish lookout, once a month. We bring people from our church, and Deaf from the area come while Nathanael interprets

  I have specific, good goals for what I want him to restore.  I don't think these goals in themselves are sin or wrong. The issue is when I have an idea of what  it will look like in my life. I have been seeking safety in God answering my prayers the way I want him to answer them.

Amado and Nadia at church one Sunday

This is so entrenched in me that disentangling it is a huge process.  I am trying to enjoy the messy middle of it all. I want to be thankful that Jesus doesn't let me stay in the same place.
Elizanie and Elmer came over one day during Christmas break. Nathanael interpreted so Elizanie could enjoy the movie

In talking with a good friend recently, she reminded me that my writing often brings out a different side of me. In the past year or so, the writing has mostly been geared towards " this is what is happening with Jesus Deaf Church"
Nathanael taught Misael about spark plugs

I am taking this snippet of time to just share what God is doing in my life, and to admit that currently it ain't pretty.  Coming face to face with sin of any kind isn't a walk in the park.
Elizanie practiced doing a Bible Study that she made up

The day Zion and I were dripping in sweat, plodding our steps through the grass; God started with reminding me of his faithfulness. This year he has not only answered a lot of my prayers, he has gone above and beyond. For one, I didn't think that Revelation Wellness would be more than a way for me to bring health to the community around us.  In addition to that, it was also a way that opened up more freedom for me personally. In that journey to freedom and health, I pray it is spread to others.

Misael and Elizanie doing announcements 

Today it is my prayer for restoration. When He does it, he isn't restoring to the former. It is something new. I am asking him to come, and for him to work in his ways. I am trusting he will do it in the coming year!

Nathanael interpreted for a well child visit

these are just a small glimpse into what we have been "up to"