Friday, October 2, 2015

We're not in Kansas anymore.. but we are getting used to Belize

As with most devloping countries,  it is not advisable to drink the water from the faucet.  In Mexico, there was a guy who sold water in the street. We called him "El Chino" because of his curly hair.  Here it's different.  We have 2 bottles which we fill.  Two weeks ago I went with Nathanael to get water for the first time,  It really looks like a gas station. This was not how I pictured "getting water"  

Nathanael had been getting the water.  Then we were going together to get it.  I know it's not Nathanael's favorite thing to do.

Today I decided that while he was out meeting with guys in the church, I would get it myself. I put a kid and the water bottle in the back of the bike.  I was so proud of the fact that I was successful with the water.. even getting it into the dispenser myself.  

I thought you might enjoy the visual of what it involves to get water.  

Riding a bike here is "not my favorite" the cars aren't very respectful, our bike has no gears, and there is a basket in the front.  I can't get the tune from the Wizard of OZ out of my head every time I ride.  It was funny the first time I rode with Selah on the handlebars (a common way to carry a kid with you around here). She was more scared than I was. 

I do have to say at the time that Nathanael packed the trailer as a awkward suitcase, I wasn't happy.. especially because I was the one who had to have it as luggage.  Now that we use it almost every day I'm glad.  There are none available here, and we would have been stuck without it. Here is the picture of pre-packed mess that got to Belize.. :) Glad it doesn't look like that now. My poor parents 


  1. I miss you guys. Tell Zephaniah and the girls that I said "Hello!", I will have to chat with you guys on Skype, sometime. I am glad you are adjusting to living down there. I Love you all!
    Your brother / Uncle

  2. Thanks Robert!! We miss you too! E mail us so we can Skype sometime!