Wednesday, August 21, 2019

an update on our journey

The 22 some hour journey through the US is about over for us.
had to stop in Harrisburg to get a title printed for the van

I honestly wasn't sure we would make it, the sleeping in the van isn't too comfortable!  We made it to Corpus Cristi Texas last night.
That was a quick 5 min process! PTL!

We did run into some issues with a wheel on the trailer. Please pray it is fixed well and lasts us the rest of the 1,500 miles back to Belize.
at a rest stop

Today we have 2 hours to go to the Mexican border. This was a place of high stress last time. We are walking into it with more knowledge and hopefully wisdom. Please pray with us as we do this!
Selah was my navigator while Nathanael rested in the back

Finally I am looking at safe places to stay along the way. Pray for wisdom and safety as we travel in Mexico.

Finally sleeping in a bed! 

Thanks so much!


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  1. Got you covered! Holy Spirit guide their travels and protect them in Jesus' name.