Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The road traveled

We made it safely to Belize last Sunday night. Pastor Ed generously picked us up at the border. At around 12am EST, we were greeted inside our house by this lovely group of people! The cleaned the layer of dust in the house (so helpful!!!) and put clean sheets on our beds. What a huge blessing. We gave hugs, greetings and said goodbye.

our welcome home crew

Sleeping came quickly but sweatily. We are back in the Belizean humidity and heat.

Nathanael holding Briany(Elizanie's daughter) 

Monday Nathanael woke up early, it is his "par" for getting to Belize. He wakes up about 4-6am for the first few weeks until his body adjusts. His first action was to pick up Briany and Elizanie so that we could meet the baby.  He just couldn't resist meeting her in person!  He's been holding her every chance he can get.

Zephaniah and Nathanael on the bus to meet the custom's people

We did have some adventures on the road including the hub blowing out, paying a bribe, and hours of Down Giliad Lane :).  We are thankful to be in Belize.  We feel like the transition process is a bit smoother and quicker than the past, since we returned to the same location.
The elusive tire issue

Thanks so much for walking with us on this journey!  We are excited to have returned to Belize.

our last stop before leaving the US: Starbucks to use up our Starbucks card

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