Monday, February 12, 2018

A call to prayer

I first learned about prayer when I was a part of YES (Youth Evangelism Service) in 1998. Intercessory prayer was a part of our discipleship training.

(the children getting prayed for at Koinonia)
Since then I feel like I've been on a learning curve. Prayer is such an important thing. It involves both speaking and listening. It involves coming face to face with our Savior, trusting that I can leave things in his hands. It changes me as I grow into deeper trusting my maker, learning more about him.

I have felt that my time in Belize is marked with a call to prayer. I don't have a lot of opportunities for ministry, I am still language learning. (along with maintaining our house and homeschooling).

We had been looking for a church. We don't have an opportunity to go every week, but it is good to fellowship beyond the church that we lead. I was looking on the map when I saw a church pretty near us. Nathanael contacted the pastor of the church, and Pastor Ed suggested meeting.

The first week we attended church I was humbled. Every week, they call the pastor and his family forward. They spend time in their service praying for their pastor, the children and when we are there us as well. They pray for us in their weekly fasting service on Thursdays.
(Dayna and Ed Perez pastors of Koinonia, at the sweetheart banquet) 

I have been able to go to the Tuesday evening prayer service. It as an honor to pray for others in the church. It is also a lesson. When I go to prayer meetings in the US, usually one person prays at a time. Here the prayer request is stated, and everyone prays at once, out loud.

(Some of our friends at Koinonia)

We know you pray for us. We love the opportunity to pray for you. Please let us know if you have a request we would love to pray for it.

(this is Pastor Ed and his family getting prayed for at Koinonia)

The last blog post I asked if anyone would like to be a part of a prayer group that would receive separate emails. We would like to give a more in-depth look at our ministry. We are hoping to send requests weekly or bi-weekly. We want to focus on the Deaf in the area, giving you a peak into their lives.  It won't be a long email, I promise :)

If you would like to receive these e-mails, please let us know. We will add you to our list.

Have a great week!!!


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