Monday, February 19, 2018

the trike

This may not come as a surprise as I did a short blurb about our trike on Instagram 2 months ago.

As most of you know, we were gifted a van for ministry in May 2017. That is the van we drove to Belize. We use it regularly, for church purposes. We transport people to and from church and Bible study.

The biggest issue we had was the gas we've had to pay for the van. Gas in Belize is over double the price we were paying in Pennsylvania.

After consideration and prayer, Nathanael got a scooter. It has been a huge blessing. He has been able to go out further, to villages, visit Deaf, and connect with them.

We get about 11 miles per gallon in our 15 passenger van. The scooter gets 41 miles per gallon.

As a family we use the scooter to go shopping, get water, and in general get places. We don't go on the highway, but the in town use is just as quick as the van would be.

In other news:
Nathanael received a letter from the department that would approve his work permit. They have asked him for more paperwork, his original application was rejected.  Please keep this in prayer. We are asking for wisdom. Does God want Nathanael to focus more on ministry, Bible Studies, discipleship, and reaching out to the villages?

Thanks so much for your prayers!


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