Monday, April 25, 2016

Kids Konnect 4 Jesus trip

Wednesday found us at 3:15am, awake scrounging around.  Of course I had to try at least to finish washing dishes before leaving the house.  The kids woke up with much complaining and we walked to the bus stop.  The busses that miss going to Belize city save us 2 hours of travel however they come at 4:00 and 4:30am.  We try to catch the 4am bus so that we have a better chance at seats.

 We had an uneventful trip to Dangriga.  8:30am found us in the local ice cream shop (which also sold good coffee).  Galen and Phyllis picked us up and we "crashed" for a while.  After a lovely lunch of barley and rice we went to the Kids Konnect camp.  Phyllis took the little ones out to the river to play a bit.

Wednesday evening was spent organizing and meeting people.  We were unsure of how our sleeping arrangements were to be made.  Dr Ed generously let us stay in his cabana for the time.  It was such an unexpected blessing!  We have stayed in the dorms every other time so were surprised at this! Abigail and Selah enjoyed having their own room together.  Zion and Zephaniah stayed with Galen and Phyllis for the days we worked.

Thursday morning after a time of worship, eating and devotions we headed out to do clinics.  I continued my job of nursing.  This time I was privileged to work with a local nurse.  She is originally from Nigeria but has lived in Dangriga for 6 years now.  It was her only day off and she came to serve!

Nathanael and the older girls had a good time.  All of the doctors were in a big room so much of their time was spent interacting.  Both Nathanael and the girls did entertaining.  Nathanael helped "people move" by directing them to their locations.  Abigail and Selah shared about Jesus and played with kids.

Friday was my birthday  Galen and Phyllis arrived with a wonderful tres leches cake to share.

This pattern continued into Saturday. Saturday is a big day with Kids Konnect. They head further from Dangriga to a church called Light of the Valley.  There our patient load about doubled.  I triaged at least half of my patient load in Spanish.  I did some interpreting although this isn't my expertise. It was good to remember what I used to do at Esperanza!  (Just as a side note although I triaged 40-50 people a day; in order to protect their privacy we are not allowed to show people's faces)

Really what makes an impact on me is the humility of the people we've worked with.  The doctors don't have any qualms with "getting dirty" and are humble.  It is a community I enjoy and that truly loves Jesus. We like talking with the "fresh" people who come for the trips and the long term people who are settled in the Stann Creek area. 

Today the people from the US actually took their bus from Dangriga.  This allowed us to get home quicker. We had only one bus to catch from Belize City which was nice.

We arrived home and have crashed!  It was a long 5 days and we are exhausted.  We are so thankful to Kids Konnect for welcoming them as part of their family, and allowing us to serve alongside of them.  It was truly an honor.

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  1. We are so blessed by your serving alongside us, please come again! May God bless you and keep you, till we meet again
    Much love,