Thursday, April 7, 2016

Who gives us validation?

What do you want the most? What do you wish for the most?  I think I've asked these questions so much in the past few months they have gotten stale like bread left out too long.  My children have wanted different things a different times. Sometimes they miss their friends. Other times it's a special food or place to visit, the hugs of family. (it just isn't the same over Skype although we do appreciate the ability to call people)

I also have a wanting for things. For the past few months I just can't get Panera bread out of my head.. especially their bread bowl with french onion soup!

Really though having been in Belize for such a short time we vacillate between looking at where we've been to missing the comforts of the States.

If you were to ask me what it is we desire, it would be a lot of things.

I think as someone in ministry a huge thing is tangible results.  Sometimes it feels like this is what "everyone" wants from you.  I got a card from a dear lady in our church in the States.  She asked "How are the signs and what about the miracles?"

wow.. talk about pressure!

I think really beyond that we just feel a desire to see what we are putting into things come out.  It took Nathanael almost 4 1/2 months to even get classes for interpreters started.  This involved getting to know the "bosses" at the Ministry of Education.  He went multiple times sometimes just discussing in offices and adapting to "warm culture" of being friends first..

He meets with men, going through The Purple Book, asking questions, and encouraging.  All of these things though won't convince someone to change their life habits.

For us the journey has been in understanding our "results" aren't God's.  We aren't called to change lives (although we hope that happens).  We are called to be obedient.  We are learning to trust that God sees what we can't, that our persistent prayers are availing much, and that God's vision is greater than our own.

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  1. So true! "We are called to be obedient. We are learning to trust that God sees what we can't...." Sometimes it's just so hard to see what He might be doing - around us and through us - but we are called to obey no matter what - and trust Him with the rest.