Friday, April 15, 2016

Coming to an understanding

My mentor and I were talking on Thursday. She was helping me summarize what I've been feeling lately.  We decided one of the words was misunderstood.

I think that language (and culture) learning really sets anyone up for this. We make assumptions about things based on our view of the world.  When you can't communicate effectively things get mixed up. Sometimes this culture also tends to "make" this happen.  Although it is very warm culture, there is no shame in telling someone how they must change. Often on the street our children (or I) am told what we must do.. (like how to ride a bike) In my passport country it is rare for a passerby to offer advice.

The hardest thing for me is when someone assumes that they know me.  Maybe they think they do because they are facebook friends with me. Perhaps they have been to my house or know my parents.

Sometimes I wonder if this same feeling isn't something that God feels. He longs for us to know him.  He doesn't want us to talk about him, read the Bible and that's it. He wants intimacy.  It is great to go to church, to hear about him.  Without relationship, the Bible is a bunch of stories.  Without truly knowing that all things are possible through Jesus, we can't truly commune with him.

In the same way I believe he wants to know me. He doesn't want a laundry list, or me reading his word out of duty.  This creator of the universe actually wants to know how I feel. He wants me to listen to how he is feeling.

Intimacy as a Christian I believe it is one of the greatest gifts he's ever given me.  I don't have to feel misunderstood.  He knows me, and I long to know him.

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  1. "I don't have to be misunderstood."

    This is such power in that statement! No matter who misunderstands me, there is always Him who understands and holds me close. Thanks so much for sharing.