Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Not in Kansas anymore 4th edition

May is our last full month in Belize.  We are discussing transition, discussing our next steps, discussing the fundraising that must happen, language study, and what our year will look like.  We are processing the goodbyes and hello's that will happen soon.   What a journey we've been on so far and it really is just beginning!  

We are still really newbies and will be when we return.  I thought I would share some other differences that I haven't focused on in other blog posts: 

Living in Orange Walk is similar to what I imagine it was like living in a small town in the 50's.  Everyone knows each other.  Almost every time we go out, from grocery shopping to visiting the local shop, we see people we know.  In fact our 3 local shops (all within a block of our house) know us so well they are often generous with us.  Just today our friends added 2 bananas and gum to my bag after I paid.

We don't have zip codes here. There is one post office in each  town and all mail goes to post office boxes. Our water and electric bills are delivered by the company and stuck into our gate.  Speaking of our gate, we have frequent visitors.  There is much solicitation here.  Sometimes I will buy what they are selling, but most of the time I don't.  Jehovah's witnesses make weekly visits as well.

Our trash is taken care of by the county.  This is what our trash truck looks like:  There really seems to be no certain day that the trash is taken.  The first week we were here, it came at 5am.  It seems to come now in the afternoon. This is actually a truck that helped clean out the sewer next door.  You can see our "hole" in the wall.  We toss the trash bags into the hole and on the other side the trash guys take it out.

We buy water and don't drink it from the tap.  When we're out and hot (happens a lot in this season) we will buy "shilling water".  A shilling is 1/4 of a dollar.  Shilling water is called that because it costs a shilling. The great value in it is the packaging is so thin that the water cools quickly.  When it's not cool though, I don't really enjoy it.

The city also is responsible for the grass which grows outside of our gate.  They have used "weed eaters" twice to chop it down since we arrived in August.  They have some powerful weed eaters!

While we were in Dangriga, there was a terrible accident.  The one bridge that lead to town was at a standstill.  The doctors who had come with Kids Konnect help stabilize the one woman in the accident.  Once this happened, the car was removed.  There aren't tow trucks in Belize.  Instead a backhoe pulled it out of the road.  Finally cars could pass! 

There are many more examples but I thought you'd enjoy a few today. 

Just FYI:  I updated our prayer requests.  I also added a page which gives a direct link on how to support us.  Thanks so much for all you our supporters have done for us!! 

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  1. Thank you for this window into your lives. I am thrilled that your family is returning to serve long term!