Thursday, December 1, 2022

Souderton Mennonite Youth team (with a few prized adults added in)

 Two weeks after landing on Belizean soil, Nathanael and I trekked to the airport in Ladyville.  On the way we picked up a rented green van. 

The youth group along with 5 adults arrived without a hitch, although the people in immigration gave them a run for their money.

One thing I really admired was the ability of both the youth and leaders in their fluidity. We discovered with regret that the rented van didn't have AC.  The team didn't grumble.  We are in the midst of rainy season. One of the days the team spent the entire day traipsing through mud, rain pouring in their faces while accomplishing manual labor.

Our work days looked like:  Half of the team worked diligently at manual labor. The other half went with Nathanael for a visit to someone in the Deaf community.  It was my job to set up for a Deaf woman to come, and get supplies for lunch.  Nathanael's team returned and worked on preparation for the noon meal.  ( and in the process learned a bit about Belizean cooking and some sign language).

In the afternoon I took a medical team for a check-up. A team would go with Nathanael on another visit, and the laborer's returned to the church building.  

I am glad that the youth got to spend time in people's homes. They saw the reality of life as a Deaf Belizean. The youth played games and interacted, which also was a good lesson in language learning. 

Thank you Souderton Mennonite for visiting, the blessing you were to the Orange Walk Deaf community, and the building of the church!!

This is the service that the youth led after being in Orange Walk

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