Saturday, June 11, 2022


Unlikely Partnerships(better known as giving praise where praise is due)

by Spring: In January, My sister Summer emailed me about being a part of a mud run. Her daughter later asked me why I signed up. My answer? I love your mom. I was NOT looking forward to the cold or dirt or even the running.  When we received the weather report (High of 54 and rainy), I was even less enthusiastic. I imagined myself shivering, uncomfortable and dirty for a few hours of torture.  Honestly it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  There were many obstacles, and an abundance of mud. At one point, we had to climb over a wall with only two places to step and a dripping muddy rope. I climbed to where I physically could. Then I was stuck, both in fear and due to my height. Nathanael and Summer stood on one side, ready to help, Isaac coming up from below. And yet I couldn’t move. Tears dripped, I insisted I couldn’t make it. They looked down at me, and assured me their strength in pulling me up wouldn’t toss me over the wall as I was imagining. I wish I had a photograph as three came together with my strength to propel me over. 

I don’t have a picture but I do want you, as our supporters, to visualize what has been happening the past year.  Many have come alongside us.  Their support allowed us to do what we wouldn’t have been able to do alone, and we didn’t go flying into the mud.  Some of this help came in little things: meals provided, childcare, mentorship, music lessons for kids. Others came as big packages: prayer warriors, weekly check ins, taking care of our kids, cleaning for us.  We want to thank all of you for the support you gave. It didn’t go unnoticed, and reached us in our deepest need.

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