Saturday, December 24, 2022

Kidz Konnect October 2022

 After a year and a half of not being able to go go Kidz Konnect, it was so refreshing to return. 

Taking a blood sugar

Nathanael was able to get people from both the Spanish Lookout area as well as the deaf from Orange Walk. It was fun and challenging to have new people to navigate their health with.  We look forward to continuing in the future!

Kristen helps Dr Ed by interpreting

Kristen is also learning the "art" of professional interpreting. Her mom and uncle are deaf so she has experience. Nathanael is giving her the skills and time to do it. Kristen is in her last year of high school and we hope that this will lead to a good job for her.

Triage with a baby :)

It is fun to be able to walk through the process with the Deaf to have them be completely understood while they are navigating their medical care. At times, we have to put the pieces together of the other care they have received and the medicines they are on. It is a maze and an adventure.

Zion helping interpret fot the people who gave out glasses

The greatest "accomplishment" this time was from a young guy. He really needed some glasses. Fortunately there was a team who was there just to provide basic glasses.   For me I was floored. He is a young guy (15) who has a full time job. He relies on sign language for communication. I can't imagine having to figure things out without being able to see well. We are so excited for him!! 

Of course post clinic I was able to visit, explain meds and do some follow up care. 

Me taking a blood pressure in Orange Walk and explaining meds/visiting with the family

We are so thankful for those who serve with Kidz Konnect!! It helps us better serve the deaf of Belize. 

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