Thursday, January 12, 2023


 Much has already been said about us moving and the dates of moving. Today I am addressing my emotions and the actual move.  Stick with me or move on (pun intended).  

One of our first photos ever in Spanish Lookout at Western Dairies, a local "fast food" type restaurant. Circa 2018:Selah and Phyllis Groff

To be honest we knew that the move to Spanish Lookout had much to do with what was vital for our emotional health: be in a community with more support. Leaving Orange Walk after 5 years was very difficult, some of this transition happened while we were in the US.  

This is when Jesus Deaf Church first started coming to Fountain of Life church. There is our house in the background!We didn't know it would be ours then (2018)

Recently we had visitors. The person, unfamiliar to our journey asked when we moved. I had to explain we moved into our current house on September 15.  That however preceded a move across countries in July which preceded a quick leave in June of 2021 where things were simply stuffed into a trailer.  All of that to say this move has been drawn out and difficult. We finally feel as though we are at the end of a long  period of multiple transitions. 

First day of school in Spanish Lookout around our kitchen table

This past year and a half was probably double what any of my transitions have been in the past. I felt like I spent too much time not giving myself the space and grace to take in the change. In all of this, I am finally beginning to have a place of feeling "home" when we pull up.  It is gracious and wonderful. We are still finding our feet as we take up new ministry and continue with the "old'.

Our first official night in the house, September 15 2022: also Selah's birthday. Celebrated with the Groff family

One thing that has hit me from the enemy is a feeling of failure. We moved as a family because of our emotional needs. Did we abandon those who also need a touch of Jesus?  Nathanael was one to give me a huge perspective.  He reminded me that moving and having a ministry "come to it's own" is an accomplishment.  It is also a process of entrusting. I am NOT the savior of Jesus Deaf Church. (Neither is Nathanael) Jesus is. I need to trust that He has the best in mind: for our family, for our greater Deaf family in Orange Walk, and for our new brothers and sisters in Spanish Lookout.  

they have built dorm type rooms under our house which was previously on stilts. The work is almost completed

While we are still in the same country, about a 2.5 hour drive from Orange Walk, we are in a totally different culture.  People even speak a different language at times. There are spaces of feeling like we "should" know what to do but we just don't.  It's humbling!  We live directly behind Fountain of Life church. Yes we are again blessed to have church literally outside of our door!  We are surrounded by farmland, cows new smells and sounds. Who would have imagined being able to hear howler monkeys from their porch?  We are ever impressed by the green parrots that make Spanish Lookout home.  My favorite thing is to have less light pollution. We can see so many stars at night!!! 

I like to walk with the dogs down the path behind our house

While we are unpacked, I still have some organizing to do. I hope to do a short "tour" of our home by February.  Be look on the lookout on Facebook!

We have been blessed to find community here. The girls went to the Christmas youth banquet, were able to invite friends, and Nathanael and I participated by serving. It was a lovely time

Thank you for following us on this journey.


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