Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Misael takes to the skies

 In an effort to "catch up" on the past few months, I am working on updates.

Nathanael and Misael discuss travel before the big day

Aug-September were very busy months for us. On top of moving (which involved going through stuff in storage and downsizing significantly), a lot of events centered around Misael.  I know I've done posts with him in the past He has been a part of Jesus Deaf Church since Nancy started it.  He has been a part of family activities and discipleship since 2015.  It has been a raising-up process.  

Church at Jesus Deaf church Orange Walk

Misael grew up Catholic and was hesitant to get baptized. His father passed away last year. When baptism was discussed with his mother, she was very open to the idea.  His mother said if Misael's father was alive, he would have been opposed to the baptism. While we mourn the great loss, we are thankful for the openness of his mother. Misael decided to get baptized in Spanish Lookout at "Mennonite Beach".  You can view the Facebook live here:

Facebook live

On September 16, Nathanael and Misael trekked to Jamaica.   Due to it being the first time flying, and the fact that Misael is Deaf and traveling to a country where they don't use his language, Nathanael went along as an interpreter.  They flew from Belize to Panama, then to Jamaica.  

Misael walks onto the plane

They were able to do some sightseeing, and of course meet with Deaf in Panama. They attended a Deaf church service in Panama. 

Photo of the people after Deaf church

Arriving in Jamaica, Nathanael got to spend 4 days at the YWAM base with Misael prior to returning to Belize.

Playing a game with YWAM staff

Misael is on a journey of learning and growing.

Nathanael and Misael at the YWAM base

We are excited for him!!! 

The group of people at the YWAM base this fall. Please be praying for them

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