Friday, August 3, 2018

A couple of visits

to the hospital.

3 to be exact in one week period.

It actually started about 3 weeks ago. Selah seemed to have the same illness as I did when my sister was visiting. I texted about 5 people, asking them to pray. She stayed home from our church, but went to Spanish church that evening. I forced her to take disgusting re-hydration salts.  She did well, and had about a week of recovery.
(Selah taking a glamour selfie after curling her hair overnight)

I was thinking to myself that perhaps I jumped the gun with her. (or the better alternative, God answered people's prayers)
Abigail getting an IV

When Abigail started to feel sick, I was more laid back. I watched her. After three days though, I was convinced she was in need of some hydration.

She is surprised it feels cold

At the same time, Zephaniah also developed the same sickness. His fever was 104, and we (yes me as well as I had to help him) had a pretty terrible night.
Zephaniah and I after having been up most of the night

The doctor wrote a prescription for Zephaniah, and sent him on his way.
Waiting in the hospital

He felt Abigail was dehydrated, started an Iv, and kept her overnight. Since it was her first time she had a tinge of excitement. She also enjoyed sleeping in a room with AC. She felt like she was in the lap of luxury!
Abigail in her room, watching TV! She enjoyed it! 

She came home and has fully recovered.

She learned to navigate with the IV pole

Of course Zephaniah could not be left out. He was playing and fell. I heard Nathanael yell "Spring" .  (Apparently the correct thing to do when one has a medical urgency is to yell for the nurse). Blood was everywhere!
Zephaniah's cut

Fortunately Nathanael got to the public hospital at at a time of little attendance.
All stitched up! 

 He was in and out in 45 min!  Three stitches completed and hopefully the end to our medical needs for a while! Not to mention it was the public hospital so the visit was totally free, what a blessing

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