Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Thank you for volunteering to stay

When Selah used this phrase last week, I told her she'd written a blog post for me. How blessed I am to have inspiration come from multiple venues!

Walking in Orange walk

Koinonia, the Spanish church we attend Sunday afternoons (after having Deaf church) has a missions team. The team was sent out this past Wednesday and Thursday. Koinonia was a church started from humble beginnings.  They began as a ministry exclusively for children. If we are honest they are pretty unique in that realm here in Orange Walk.  This was one of the huge draws for us.  As more children came, their parents wanted to come to church there.  The church began to meet.
The playground outside of the library

Pastor Ed's passion is to see children change the world.  They do children's ministry. Another part of their calling is to train others to reach children. They do several trainings a year at the church. 
Praying for the children happens every Sunday at Koinonia

The mission trip involves them going to countries in Central America and training the churches to do children's ministry.

I was asked to pray for the Pastoral family at Koinonia one Sunday

Selah's comment was about the people in Koinonia who stayed.  She thought they should be thanked. Staying is a difficult job.  There was a blog post I once read which talked about the friends and family left behind. They are the ones who must continue, who must love from afar, who get the "unexciting" parts of the ministry. 
A rousing game of bellz after stomachs full of fry jack

We want to thank you for being the ones who volunteer to stay. We could not do what we do without you. 
our welcome home in 2016 thanks to our MST

Staying is a difficult job!  Thank you for the support you give. Thank you for your prayers.
Zion's job was hanging out the wash yesterday

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