Tuesday, July 10, 2018

more visitors

We arrived to the airport early this time. Two times in a row, we arrived on time and the flights were early. Unfortunately for us, the plane was delayed, exiting delayed (a medical emergency) and there were issues with needing our exact address. Por fin, Joel and Annette entered Belize!

Joel and Annette on the plane here

Of course they (accidentally) taunted us with stories of eating Chick A Fila in the airport in Miami. Our only fast(ish) food around here would be Orange Walk Tacos.

we stopped to eat before seeing the waterfalls

It was a nice break to have both Joel and Annette here.  Nathanael and I were able to have some time with Joel as well as a date far away from the kids.

Joel preaches at Koinonia, Pastor Ed interprets

We really enjoyed visiting old places, showing them new ones, and exploring a waterfall we hadn't ever been to before.
Joel at Laminai

We are so thankful for the adventure we had with them
The very full van after church on Sunday 

It is always nice to experience our world through someone else's eyes.

Church on Sunday

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