Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Relationships are key

About a month ago we noticed something cool. A woman who had suddenly stopped coming to church showed up.

the most recent movie night for "fun Friday"

Nathanael texts all of the Deaf people in the area each Friday/Sunday and asks if they will be coming. ( He has to plan his pick up route). Each time he would text, there would be an excuse about why she would not be there.
the youth wednesday

When she came, we really were not sure what prompted her to arrive.

If you only knew how full this van was.. and how HOT it was in the back!! 

During sharing time, we heard the story. Apparently there was a rift between two women in the church. One had decided not to attend. Both had gone to Carmelita (a local town) to the Deaf outreach that happens every 6 weeks.  The women had a chance to reconcile. I am so thankful for what God did in this situation.
A drama day at church, talking about the life of Ahab and Elijah

We have also seen this in the lives of two of the teens. They refused to both be at church at the same time. We saw the conflict but were unsure of how to be involved. Nathanael took time to pray for them and the situation.
Welcome to Jesus Deaf Church! 

The next week they were talking and sitting next to each other.
A wednesday Men's night, as they prep food for themselves

Gossip is a big issue in our church. It has damaged many relationships. It keeps some people away from church.

The ladies enjoy a rousing game of Apples to Apples Pictures on a wednesday night

It is awesome when I can report things of the opposite nature have occured!

Friday night Bible Study with the Orbans 

Please keep relationships in your prayers as you think about us. We are so thankful for your prayers!

You should be receiving a paper copy of our newsletter in your mailboxes within the next week. If  you haven't, and would like a copy feel free to contact us.


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