Monday, August 20, 2018

Taking a rest

a few weeks ago a friend invited us to Progresso. I can honestly say I was hesitant. The introvert that I am, I prefer to go away with only our family. I guess what I mean to say is it takes my energy to be with others, and it doesn't feel restful if I'm using that energy.

hanging out in the hammock with our friends

The time was planned though so I went with it.

Fresh Avocadoes!! 

Progresso is a village next to a lagoon.  Our friend's parents live at the edge of the lagoon. There is a constant breeze over the lagoon. This brought freshness and coolness that we don't experience in Orange Walk.

The first night we were cold (imagine)!  The breeze made the night cool more than we are used to. I wanted a blanket.   After breakfast we..... sat around till lunch!

The kids weren't too happy with it. We did do some things but a lot of time was spent relaxing. I finally felt in a place where I was resting.  Honestly it's been a while!

While we were in training with EMM, we were reminded of the importance of rest.  God actually commands us to do it. One thing the people at EMM talked about is rest being a way we see it is about Him and not us. If it is us who are doing all of the work, and the work won't be done without us, we are dependent on us.  When we take a day of rest, we are acknowledging that it is God who provides. We designate his sovereignty in our lives.
Zion trying out stilts

Why am I talking about rest in a blog post? The trip to Progresso was a admonition to me personally. I was often using our days of rest as a time to catch up on projects. This is not what rest was intended for. Personally I strive to not do the things I dislike on that day, and not do chores. I was actually going grocery shopping on Mondays, but I hate grocery shopping!
We found Hershey's Sunday pies in Belize!! 

I also thought it important to give you an accurate picture of our week. I started last week with a post about our Sundays.  Mondays are our day of rest as a family.  This doesn't always look the same. Sometimes we go places. Sometimes we hang out at the house. We try to have family game night/movie nights every other week in the evenings on Mondays. Other than that, our time is unplanned. We enjoy it that way.
Playing a game of Code Names 

How do you incorporate God's rest into your schedule?  (I would love new ideas!)


  1. Great post!! You are demonstrating to others faith in God. Hope to see you in October:)