Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Years Eve Party

One can still celebrate the New Year two weeks later right?

We are thankful for those who were able to come to the party. Some people joined us from Spanish lookout.  Others are Deaf but don't go to church.  Still others live in villages far out, and Nathanael was able to take our trike and pick them up.  Some people brought their whole family.  Some came alone.  Fun was had by all, except perhaps the three children that fell asleep.

Nathanael interpreted Charlie Brown Christmas for those who came. The children handed out pop-corn

Nathanael then had a Jeopardy game involving the past lessons that he taught in Church and Bible study.

Finally we played games and ate snacks

At the last minute we headed to the park to watch fireworks.
Thanks for joining with us this 2018 to support the Deaf in Orange Walk. You are a blessing!

Happy New Year!!

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  1. Nice post! and good pictures! we are also planning to invite all our relatives and friends for the New Year’s Eve, we have shortlisted some of the New York venues for the party, and soon will decide one. We are also planning to add some activities for fun.