Friday, January 5, 2018

Holiday preparations

Christmas wasn't our big holiday here. If you read my facebook, you would note we were invited to a party Christmas eve. The pastor of the Spanish church we've been attending invited us to his house. We felt like party poopers when we left at 10pm and some people were just arriving. I am not sure how I got on the subject, but I asked people when they were going to bed. One woman who looked about 20 years to my senior stated she didn't know when she is going to bed. I was floored.

Really I am not sure how I missed this part of the culture 2 years ago. I did know that Belizeans tend to celebrate things the night before. I remember Ben Martin being at our house Christmas eve only to be awoken by the 12am fireworks. I just was unaware that the party continues into the early morning hours!

That being said, our Christmas was quite quiet. We had family opening of presents and enjoyed a brunch.  We were thankful. We had sparkling juice. The cinnamon rolls didn't turn out the way I wanted them to (oh well)

Our big holiday was New Years eve. We invited the church, along with Deaf who don't usually come to the house.  I will highlight this next week.  :)

In preparation for the big party, we had two cookie baking sessions. One was the children's friends. It ended up being a jumble of people: our conservative Mennonite (cape dress wearing) friends, mixed with a sweet boy and his mom we meet at the park on Saturday nights.  Our Mennonite friend and I did get offered cheap cosmetic surgery in Cuba, all we have to do is get there!!

The children made cookies. Interspersed with the cookie festivities, they played games and ran outside. I was able to socialize a bit. Everyone had a good time!

The second party involved the youth.  Giving credit where credit is due, Selah did most of the coordinating. She pre-made all of the dough, icing and rolled the cookies. The 3 youth girls helped with decorating. I was left on the clean up they weren't able to accomplish. Man it is crazy how messy icing can be when it is spread everywhere!

Nathanael and Misael helped put up our temporary garage. This served in housing the food and children on New Years.  They also sampled multiple cookies.

May your New Year be blessed!

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