Thursday, December 21, 2017

Fun in celebrating

We had the pleasure of celebrating with others the past few weeks.  Here are some of the ways we've done that..

As I mentioned on a previous blog post, we take off school and work on Mondays. One of our "regular" stops on these days is the Library. 

Since we are frequent visitors to the library, the children were invited to a Christmas Party at the Library. The children arrived and were ushered into the main area where they watched a movie.  They were handed snacks of pop-corn bags

Following the movie there was a raffle for small presents. The plan had been to decorate cookies and eat outside. Unfortunately, the day was found to be chilly (by Belizean standards) with an occasional spritz.  They moved the tables inside for festivities

Instead the children decorated a cookie inside.

They were also given lunch of rice and beans, stew chicken and soda.

Somehow three of my 4 children ended up with Coke!! 

They really did enjoy themselves!

The next celebration starts with breaking a window. If you haven't read our post about meeting Levi, feel free to do so.  :) 

We are thankful for Levi and his family. It was an honor to be at his wedding celebration and to meet his wife.  Zion was especially excited since it was the first time she has been to a wedding. 

Of course the children enjoyed meeting the puppies that were at the church! 

The final celbration was at a children's club. Selah, Zion and Zephaniah have enjoyed being a part of Koinonia's children's ministry.  They have meetings every Saturday. You can earn tickets by memorizing verses, attendance, and bringing your Bible.  

Since the children had only attended one other time, they were 'gifted" some extra tickets.

They were able to worship with all of the children

And then they stood in line for an ideal. (a popsicle in a bag)
Personal space here is a different concept than in the states. The children take it in stride. 

They then played carnival games with their tickets and won prizes. 

We have really enjoyed celebrating and learning more about culture.  May you all have a blessed Christmas!  

Coming next week the way God blessed and surprised us recently!


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