Saturday, November 25, 2017

some "luxuries" we have now that we didn't two years ago

Lucianna, Joel and Heidi and even Ben Martin were witness to how we lived in Belize two years ago.  Really not much has changed.

I don't have a map in my head. Zephaniah and Selah seem to though which is helpful. I still get lost from the middle of town to our house. We live in a different area. I still haven't turned the map in my head around. (it takes me a bit.) ;)

What are the luxuries you wonder?

We actually did have access to the library last time, but didn't utilize it much. As a family we take a rest day every Monday. (since Sundays are so full for us) We like to visit the library on Mondays. The limit to check out books is one per card. The children don't want to squander their precious book, they choose carefully. I should mention that we also have library cards from the Bucks County Library. Those we use to access online items. (especially me!) Actually since we got some books, were given some books, took some in suitcases last October, and some on our trip here; we have a lot of books!  That is a nice thing to have. We really missed them last term in Belize!

Dogs.. another not "luxury" but a much enjoyed part of our lives. We have 4 now. Two came from the local hardware store. I am not sure they were receiving nourishment. After a few days with us they perked up. They scamper, sleep and play! We also made a trip to the Humane Society in San Pedro. There I was looking for a little dog to be my companion. Instead I ended up with a sweet yet larger dog. While I was falling in love with a quiet calm dog, Zephaniah found a excitable, energetic young half shepard. We ended up taking both dogs! The dogs aren't only here to be companions. They help gaurd the house from "thieving"(as one would say in Kreol)

You may remember the confusion Zephaniah had when we returned to Pennsylvania over the machine next to the washer.  We didn't own a dryer last term. Every piece of laundry had to be hung on a line outside. 

Nancy had a dryer, that she left here for our use. It does feel luxurious. That being said the chosen method of drying clothes tends to be our wash-line. The electric bill thanks us!  It also adds to the heat, which is something we don't want to do. If I need to dry I plan it at night. 

 A heated shower! Somehow in my years of using these, I missed the name. If you don't know, read on to the end of the blog post :). They work best with a low water output. I have found that if I am patient and do it correctly, the shower is a warmish temperature.  That being noted, it is glorious to take warm showers when one is chilly.

we did have bikes our last term. In fact our friend has one of our old bikes now. This term I was able to bring a cargo bike from Pennsylvania. I can throw children and "stuff" on the back of the bike. What a huge help!  Nathanael found a folding bike here that he is enjoying. He is hoping to travel with it on his bus trips to Belize city. It is freeing to have transportation that is functional.

Speaking of functional transportation this is the biggest one. We use the van for 3 things: Friday night Bible Study, Sunday morning church(transporting people), and grocery shopping/ water hauling(which we limit to one trip a wk. Gas in Belize is expensive. The current price is 5.75$/gallon (US). This is why we choose to make use of the van only for specific circumstances. It is beneficial for our budget, and our health. 

Todd and Lizette Miller are in the process of getting home as I type. They joined us this week in Orange Walk. It was a blessing to have them! We are praying the get home safely. Next week? A summary of their time here!

If you don't know the name of the shower head (like I didn't) It is called a "widow maker".

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