Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A familiar trip

Things are settling into a pattern for us.  That isn't to say we've got it all "together" or that we are totally organized. This past week Nathanael emptied the trailer of the items we had in storage from our last term. Currently our house is messier than it had been in the past. I am trying to take it in stride. I want to organize it once and for all, making a place we can feel at home.  I will spare you the picture of our mess.

A rude awakening was what started our trip 2 weeks ago to Dangriga.  After prayer, it was decided that Abigail would make the trek to Kids Konnect this time. To take the bus we have to get the 4am or 4:30am bus.  I like to choose the earlier one. There is a greater likelihood of getting a seat.  Nathanael was kind enough to drive us to the bus depot.  We were surprised to find a tour bus instead of the usual old school bus. Abigail and I were unprepared for the trip in AC, and the kind conductor allowed us some blankets for the 2 hour trip. We switch buses in Belmopan and this was a "normal" old bumpy bus. Both Abigail and I had a restless nap on the bus

If you recall, my mom and I did the trip a year ago. We were unable to do any more of the Kids Konnect trips while in the US. This was our first time back.  We always feel welcome and enjoy our time serving.  It is nice to serve in a different way than our "usual".

This particular time was a bit humbling for me. I borrowed some ear plugs to aid in sleep. When I went to pull them out the second morning I found my right ear was without the ability to hear.  We got some of it cleaned out with the help of a lovely doctor. That night I figured the ear was totally cleaned, and still needed the plugs to help sleep.  This time I woke up at 1am and had the same issue which had now worsened.

Unfortunately this caused undue stress in the middle of the night. I was ashamed I had shoved the earplugs back in my ears. I was embarrassed that I would again have to ask someone to help me totally remove the wax. I spent most of the day Saturday only hearing out of my left ear. It made taking blood pressures difficult.  Finally another doctor helped me totally clean and wash out my ear. I was as good as new. What a huge relief.

Speaking of being humbled, it is a good thing for me. My biggest struggle this trip was the repeating nature of it. How can I be of service to these people in a way that leads to their betterment? How do I introduce them to Jesus in a tangible way?

Kids Konnect has a team of missionaries that live in Belize. Those people directly connect, pray with , and live among the people we minister to.  It is a great continuum of their ministry.  They also have a place they own employing locals to give them greater opportunities to learn and grow, both in their faith and job skills.

Abigail had a great time. I was a bit worried for her, but so many people took it upon themselves to help. She was not lacking work. She held babies and walked people from one station to the next.  She even allowed two ladies the privilege of brushing her hair one night. (something she doesn't allow me to do)You will note that all pictures I have are mostly of her. I neglected to ask her to take some of me ;) I promise you I was there!

Thank you for your support and prayers for us. This week marks another trip to the immigration office.  Nathanael is having trouble contacting the American woman who will help with his long-term visa.  Also please pray through our transitions. As things have settled, I think we are all missing Pennsylvania now more than when we first arrived. We know it is part of the process but it is still difficult.


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