Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Week 3 highlights

In some ways our family feels like they are getting into a " groove". We are following our old traditions:
                   walk to the park Saturday night to play and hang out with others

                   eat out Sunday after church, hopefully in a place that has air conditioning as a reprieve

We officially started school this past week. I can tell you that we've been unschooling of sorts through the summer. I was planning on not counting school days this  year, but it was too difficult for Selah to not know. ( Please don't tell her I haven't started counting yet)

There were some firsts this week:

Nathanael preached his third consecutive sermon. From now on it'll be a first every time for length of times he's preached in a row. Nathanael likes to keep track of these types of things

Zion caught her first gecko this term. She was delighted. She kept him in a pencil sharpener overnight and fed him ants.

We have animals!! We have been holding off for years, till we had a place of more permanence. Before you wonder why.. we have chickens (for the eggs), 2 dogs (to protect from robbers) and 2 rabbits (to "mow" the grass) it has been a learning curve but overall we are delighted to share our lives with some pets.

We continue to unpack and make the house ours. It has been difficult planning around getting everything out of the living room on Fridays (and on Sunday) to have people here for Bible Study.

Rainy season has started, a welcome break from the intense heat. I actually turned on the warm water in the shower.

Plan for this week: Update our prayer corner :)

Thanks so much for joining us on this journey.


  1. Great blog post. Thank you so much for the update and the pictures!

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