Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The unpromised update

Nathanael and I watched a movie together last Friday night.

The African Doctor has been on my Netflix list for a while. I personally felt like it was the perfect timing for watching it. The doctor is from Tanzania, and gets a job in rural France.

Many points in the movie felt familiar. I laughed harder and cried more than normal. There is one point where the family steps off the bus into the unknown that I truly identified with. If you are interested in a movie about moving cross culturally, this is one I highly recommend.

We had a couple and their daughter visit church this past Sunday. Janice and Pedro live south of us in Spanish Lookout. It was a blessing to have them fellowship with us.

In other news, Nathanael will be speaking with the head of Education on Friday. He really wants to be able to get a visa through them. Please pray for favor for this process.

Thanks so much