Tuesday, September 26, 2017

one month or two weeks, depends on how you are counting

Wednesday will mark the two week time for us in Belize. It also happens to be exactly a month from when we left the Hopewell Parking lot. (August 27th).  We have had many adventures in the process. All learning experiences!

How does being in Orange Walk 2 weeks feel to us?

This transition has been much different.

Two years it was a drastic change. We were walking basically into the unknown, with 11 suitcases to our name.  

This time we had a home with some things set up. We also were aware ahead of time the things that would make our house a home. 

Two years ago the heat was a shock to our Pennsylvania born bodies. 

This time we expected it. That doesn't mean we are less hot

Two years ago all of the food tasted strange to us. 

This time the first food the kids wanted to eat was rice and beans.

Two years ago we spent a lot of time trying to figure things out

This time we feel like we're on our way

Two years ago we had a one year commitment

This time it's indefinate.  Things are feeling like we are working towards finding home. We are building a place that we can celebrate as a family.  

Two years ago we were under different leadership

This year Nathanael is leading the church.  In some ways this is more difficult as we are stepping into someone else's shoes.  For right now we are following the order of worship and way of doing things that Nancy had set up.  

Thanks for joining me in the small comparisons of our transition.  Feel free to text us (we have internet numbers through google so it's free to do) email us, and even call us. Skype with our kids. We finally have good internet.  :)  My goal is to get into a regular blog updating schedule again.


  1. Praise God for smooth transitions!

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