Thursday, March 17, 2016

what do Saint Patrick, YWAM and heat have in common?

us of course!  :)

I am working on describing the hodge-podge of a week it has been and trying to compile it in my head.  Read with me and enjoy the process!

This Saturday a YWAM team from a Deaf DTS base near Gallaudet University came to Orange Walk.  We have had the privilege of walking with them. Nancy took the 3 women to school at Saint Peters (where a few Deaf teens and a child go to school).  Nathanael took the man Caleb to the special needs school in Belize City 4 days this week.  More about this in a later post.

They were also able to meet for Bible study with most of the men that Nathanael usually meets with.

On top of that Nathanael had to teach his usual 3 classes.  He teaches 2 in Orange Walk and 1 in Belize City in the evenings. The team visited with the students who are just learning the basics of BZ-ASL.  There will be a bigger post just about Nathanael's breakthrough and what teaching these classes means for Belize on a different blog. Stay tuned!

Nathanael had a very busy week!!

Today we celebrated Saint Patrick.  What did we do you ask? Really it was nothing fancy.  We wore all green and got to watch a video about his life. We usually watch the short one from the Veggie Tales.  This one was really moving to me. I love how they use actual quotes, and discuss how Patrick made a difference. It makes my life pale in comparison. He was a missionary to those who enslaved him. I guess I really do have the "easy life"!!

It was also a great reminder to me about the calling not only on my life but on everyone who is in the church.

Finally HEAT. I really have not discussed this because for a while (August-mid December) nothing much changed for us.  Mid Dec- mid Feb we had a mild reprieve. We wore jackets and bought a few more blankets.  The kids started shivering at 65 degrees.

Things have returned "back to normal" really March-May are some of the hottest months of the year here. Our heat index is usually high 80's to low 90's. We sweat from when we wake up to when we go to bed.

While I was on my medical missions trip, people were surprised I was cold.. (they were coming from below zero temps in the south in Jan).  They kept asking if I was "used to" the weather here.. I really don't like the question. I get hot like everyone else here gets hot. I don't have ac like the majority of people  in our community.  Today I went to visit El Popular, our local panadria (bread shop) the regular man who guards the door was there. We got to discussing the heat and how I was hot.  He offered solutions.  I told him it was different for him because he was born here.

I really loved his reply "Sister, everyone is human"

If you are wondering if we enjoy beach like weather everyday (without a beach in sight).. we really are still human.

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