Sunday, March 6, 2016

Men's Bible Study

Two weeks after we moved to Orange Walk, Nathanael started  meeting with the Deaf men in the town.  He really wasn't sure the best way to do this or how to start.

As we have observed before most of Belize takes a lunch break at 12-12 or thereabouts depending on if it's school or a work situation.  Many children in school go home to eat. Some will buy food in the area.  Nathanael realized that since everyone takes a lunch at this time, it would be ideal to meet with the men then.

 He met with the men 5 days a week on their lunch break.  Since then he's condensed the meetings to 3 small groups 3 times a week with a total of 7 men, according to the location of the men's work (or school) and time they take lunch.

When Ben visited for Christmas, he brought a few copies of The Purple Book.  Nathanael studied the purple book a few years ago at Hopewell and felt it was ideal for these meetings with the men.  He uses The Deaf Bible to help increase understanding of the passages they are reading.

Recently Nathanael and I were discussing the short term missions team that will arrive next week. Short term trips are more like a sprint, while longer term trips are more like a sprint.  It will be great to sprint for a week with the team of 4 who are coming.

What Nathanael desires most of all is discipleship.  He doesn't want quick or pat answers.  He doesn't want it to be a show.  He wants to walk along side these men as they seek God.

Some prayers surrounding this part of our ministry:

  • One man asked to take The Purple Book  and study it himself. Please pray that God would touch his heart and he would experience him.
  • Another man has been a periodic attender of the Jehovah Witness church in the area. Nathanael challenged him to decide once and for all what he believed
  • There are two boys attending middle school that will be going on to high school next year. Please pray for a growth of faith and discipleship for them. 


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