Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The importance of prayer.

One thing I really miss about living where we lived in Pa was a great Christian Library. Calvary of Souderton has a library open to anyone. It is the biggest church library I have been in. Even though we're not members, Calvary allows us to borrow books.

In the midst of the confusion of last year (when were we going to Belize.. how to raise support.. how to live with your parents when you have a family of your own) I "happened upon" a book by Paul Miller called A Praying Life.

Needless to say this was exactly what I needed at the time.  He approached prayer in a way I really hadn't looked at in a long time.  He speaks about our utter dependence on God, just as Jesus was. How could I expect to be less dependent on my creator than Jesus was?  It was a strong challenge!  I was able to find a great "prayer card" app which I really like. I can edit cards, add verses and requests for different people.

We all have ways we pray.  This is an intimate thing. This is not a post on how or what to pray.

A while ago I was convicted. We have this blog so you can connect with us.  You can see a little of what is going on with us.  I do my best to give a little taste of what is going on in our lives.  I have neglected making prayer a part of that.

My goal is to have a place.. and hopefully a tab you can simply click on with our updated prayer requests list.  For now here is the short list:

  • A YWAM team arrives for a short term trip on Saturday, pray for them and pray for us as we work with them

  • We pray as a team on Tuesdays please pray with us as we pray for each other and the church

  • Please pray for God to tap on people's hearts in church, for them to hunger after him

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