Thursday, February 25, 2016

Valentines day party/What Sunday School typically looks like

For years the children and I have done something for Valentines day. Valentines day in school was always so special to me.  I would take those cheap o cards and pick through them.. giving the ones I liked best to my favorite people.  Nathanael assures me that he was not meticulous about this AT all.  Signing any card was good enough for him.  There went my dreams down the drain that  the "crush of my life" had picked a special card just for me..

As homeschoolers we do a modified version of cards anyhow simply because we can't make the mailboxes beforehand; and don't always know who will show up.

I really didn't want anyone to miss out.  We completed our Sunday School study on the Fruits of the Spirit.  We spent the next few weeks studying about love.  As I said before, it is a bit difficult to get everyone's attention all at once. Our sunday school layout looks something like this:

Break time for church kids let out. (I try to wait to let kids into the room until the parents have started church)
Play games.  (again thank you to people who gave games to our family or money for games they are getting well used!!)
Play outside
Short lesson
Coloring page

I tend to try to make the lesson short, but spend individual time with them asking and seeing if they understood the lesson.

Valentines day we talked about how much God loves us.  This concept is important to me, and I told the kids it is what personally motivates me.  Nathanael and I just did a online test on personalities, which again confirmed that I am a feeler.  I believe God's rules are true and following them will bring me his will.  Knowing he loves me is what makes me want to follow him.

I was able to share some homemade items like cinnamon rolls and blueberry french bread casserole.
We played pin the tail on the donkey, and ate some extra fun Kinder Eggs.  I think everyone went home satisfied; although no one got to spend time addressing special cards. (which perhaps was a good thing ;) )