Sunday, February 14, 2016

Big Annoucment/Joel and Heidi visit part 2

Sunday morning came. Nathanael preached and I taught Sunday school. Joel sat in the preaching. Nancy interpreted.  Heidi attended Sunday school.

After church we packed up our bags. The original plan was to meet our supervisors closer to the middle of the country.  Unfortunately the place we were going to stay at suddenly became occupied.  Instead we ended up traveling to right outside the town where they live.  We got to stay at the same camp I had been at 2 weeks ago with my mission trip.

On our way to the camp we stopped with Joel and Heidi at Altun Ha, the same Maya(n) ruins that we had visited with Lucianna.

A boy at the restaurant was delighted to play dominoes with us while we waited for food: 

Joel and Heidi got some fresh coconut water: 

The trip to Dangriga took a little longer in the dark than we expected and once it got dark it was difficult to drive!  Nathanael navigated well and the kids had their fill when we pulled up to the camp at about 9:30.  Miriam, the cook for the camp left us some delicious chicken for dinner.  I saw her and her husband get baptized last week.

Joel and Heidi shared the Men's dorm and our family slept in the womens'. We all enjoyed the HOT showers! The next day our kids woke up and RAN to get in them! :) We also appreciated the huge fan which provided some white noise: 

That afternoon we met with Galen and Phyllis, Joel and Heidi

.  Dangriga is a town right next to the ocean (unlike Orange Walk) It made for some beautiful pictures.  The restaurant where we ate at has a small beach.  The kids loved playing in the sand for the first time since we've arrived.

We had a good honest talk with all of us together.  At this point you are probably wondering what the big news is.  It was part of the reason we had our meeting.  After discussing with Galen and Phyllis, our MST (including Joel and Heidi) our children and Nancy; we are excited to announce that: 

We have committed to another term in Belize!  

It was good to process details and discuss.  After our time at the restaurant, we spent some time back at Galen and Phyllis's house where we prayed and talked some more.  Galen and Phyllis live right next to the playground.  Our children had playmates.  

After sleeping at the camp a second night (and another round of warm showers) we drove Joel and Heidi to the airport.  We are very thankful to them for their visit!  Thank you to all of you for investing in our lives and ministry. You play a huge part in our work here.  

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  1. Awesome! Your work there has just begun. Blessings for your future investment into the people of Belize.