Saturday, February 6, 2016

Special trip

This past week I(Spring) went on a mission trip.  Nathanael stayed home with the children.  It feels funny to say I went on a mission trip since we are constantly on one.

This is the camp where we stayed at night

I was able to meet some people from Kids Konnect for Jesus.  There are 3 different couples in southern Belize doing different things in missions here.  One couple has a family with 2 children.  It was so nice to speak with other missionaries!

One of the trailers that carried the medical supplies.  All of the supplies needed to be loaded off and on the trailer each night

The bulk of our time however was spent doing clinics in different locations in the villages.  There is little access to doctors and medicine.  People come every 90 days from different locations in the US to help run these clinics, along with the long term missionaries that also play a big part in how the clinics are run.  The people from the US also bring as much medicines and medical equipment as they are able to.  

A Cocao tree.  These fruit are what produce chocolate.  

Here I am triaging a patient before they will see the doctor

I worked with an awesome team of over 40 people. There were medical doctors, a chiropractor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nurses paramedics, a pharmacist, registration people, and many other volunteers.  These people have the job down to a science. They run efficiently to provide the best care to those who need it.

I liken my experience as to being similar to when I was working at Esperanza.  It was so neat to come together with other Christians towards a common goal.  The focus is on both the physical and spiritual. I was able to pray for people and ask they questions about their faith. Did they know Jesus personally, did they want to know more about him? Due to my experience with pediatrics and ability to speak Spanish, I often had plenty of work.

  It was more frustrating than Esperanza though because there is simply a lack of medicine and supplies. There are not neb machines to give out.  Type 2 diabetics are plentiful.  There is a lack of strips to help people check their sugars, a lack of machines as well.  This is not due to the team, it is about medical care and supplies in the country.  As someone who has only done medical care in the US, it was difficult to feel that lack of ability to give them what they needed.

a church in the village where we did a clinic

The gastroenterologist who came with the team saw a 2 year old.  He knew immediately that there was a serious issue with her.  Her lips were blue and she was asleep. By listening to her and getting data, he recognized that she has a heart defect.  Other than doing some referrals, there was nothing we could do for her physically and immediately.  What a dilemma.  She needs surgery! 

a picture of the whole team

Overall I am so thankful for the experience I had. I didn't know anyone personally prior to coming, yet  I was welcomed as one of the team.  Although I've been a nurse for almost 14 years, and have gone on various missions trips; this was really my first medical mission trip.  What an adventure!
on Sunday I got to watch a number of people get baptized. What a neat experience! 


  1. Wow! Really makes you realize how blessed we Americans are. I can't imagine how the doctors cope with knowing what is wrong and not having the means to help. Glad you were able to have a mission trip within a mission trip! A side note: Linda always asks me how you all are doing. She misses you all!

  2. Please tell Linda we miss her!! :)