Friday, November 27, 2015

Some misc fun pictures/Thanksgiving

We had a small thanksgiving celebration as a family.  It was good to simply not have the pressures to "do or be".  The kids enjoyed relaxing, we played some games and watched a family movie. 
We also had the joy of spending time with Nancy and Sulmi on Saturday.  Weren't we lucky two thanksgiving meals!! (In one week) now to go on a diet... ;)

Here are some pictures of our recent weeks experiences.  

There are many rainbows here! So beautiful

We enjoy the tacos/tostadas on the street.

Selena had her baby about 2 months ago.  Everyone in church loves to hold him.

Zephaniah Celebrated his birthday in style!!

What an awesome day at the local thrift shop!  New games.  I used the money a friend gave us to buy a few.  We had missed playing games!

Second game of clue since we got it on Saturday

This is a really interesting video on the emotions that TCK's go through when thinking about what "home" is.. I liked it in light of my other post :) 

Fun with curlers

Nathanael joined some men in cooling off Sunday afternoon

and finally Hopewell does their church announcements through video. This past Sunday,  we had the privilege of doing the announcements.  This is just a video of the announcements.. nothing exciting, but we thought people who didn't see them may enjoy a small glimpse of what our environment looks like on a daily basis.  
Nathanael worked very hard on the captions and signs so please watch :) Captioned for Deaf signed for Deaf:


  1. Thank you. It is always great to see or hear about your adventures! Nancy H.

  2. Good to see some of the many things you are all experiencing...not so sure bridge jumping is comforting..but on the other hand it 'fits' - love you guys! Hugs/kisses all around!

  3. Oh Mom. I am the same guy here as in the States. :) Bridge jumping is just one of the good things I learned from dad.