Thursday, November 19, 2015

Care package

A few people have asked us about care packages.  The best way to assure that something will get to us is to send it with someone who is visiting us.   Please email us if you'd like their information.. or just drop things off at my parents house ;)

521 Broadway Ave
Sellersville Pa 18960

Please feel free to get things from the Thrift Shop

Hail Merry (available in the Giant natural foods refrigerated section)
whoopie pies
Stash tea( Breakfast in Paris, Chocolate mint)
Yogi tea(detox, perfect energy, woman's energy, calming)
Trader Joe's Fall harvest decaf tea
Trader Joe's Chai Latte mix
Chia Seeds
Kozi Shack Tapioca pudding
dark chocolate
popping corn (anything that is not Goya brand yellow kernels, those are the only kind we have here)
any healthy snacks.. (coloring free) there is a great lack of healthy snacks here
Beef Jerky
Black Twizzlers
Real maple syrup
steel cut oats

legos (Not available here at all)
picture books
chapter books reading levels 3-8
These books for Selah's Spring semester  class: Sarah Plain and Tall, Christy, Poets of the 1800's
Selah really likes Geronimo Stilton Books, Abigail enjoys graphic novels
headphones (over the ear work best)
minion or frozen posters etc to hang on the wall. (this is the theme of the kids rooms)
cell phone chargers
board games (monoply and Life are family favorites)

Misc. items:
printer ink hp #61 especially black ink (this printer seems to go through more ink than our other printer we have started to print in draft mode)

This is not a "we demand everything on the list" type of thing.  Some people had asked me for suggestions, so I wanted a place we coud refer them to :)  Thanks so much for praying for us. We would love to connect with you!
This is my favorite picture from the goodbye party in July :)  We think and pray for you all often. Thank you for loving us

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